3 types of dicks she would want in her mouth

Apr 21, 2016
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Getting a woman to perform oral sex on you is not always an easy feat. Sometimes, a woman might refuse, leaving the man to wonder what he did wrong. His dick type is probably to blame.

Here are 3 kinds of dicks she would prefer.

The clean dick:

Just because your sexual appendage is on the outside does not mean you should forgo paying attention to keeping it clean. When she goes down on you and is met with a funky odor, she is very unlikely to repeat the effort. So, if you are looking to convince her to go down, do her a favour, take a shower if you have had a sweaty day and make sure things are crispy clean down there.

Average-sized dick

Giving head to a man with a big dick can be uncomfortable. Going down on a man with a really small dick can also be awkward. Most women prefer having their mouths on an average-sized dick. It fits in the mouth perfectly without her jaws suffering. She can go on as long as she likes since this comes with no pains.

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Casual sex

An expert dick

What is an expert dick? This is a penis that is capable of causing the most intense pleasure for a woman. If he can satisfy her and make her orgasm with his penis, she will feel pleasured enough to want to do her part. Women enjoy giving oral sex to men that know how to please them.

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