Jul 12, 2016
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My wife rarely goes out. A few months ago, she went out with a bunch of the gals from work on a Friday night. One of the ladies was going to get married (this was the second go around for marriage) and this was sort of an informal bachelorette party. The average age for the group is 40, so you wouldn’t think they could get too wild. They ended up going to dinner then hitting a favorite bar afterward. On the way to the bar, they all decided that it would be “fun” if they each would take off their bras before they went into the bar. The rules were everyone had to do it, and the bras stayed in the car. After some discussion, and reluctance on the part of some (including my wife) the group agreed. They all reached in under their tops and pulled their bras off. What made the whole thing a bit exciting was the fact that since none of them had planned to go braless, a few of them were wearing tops that didn’t leave much to the imagination without a bra underneath. My wife happened to be one. She had worn a sweater that night with a very loose weave (there were gaps you could see through). In addition to this, they each had to dance one dance with a strange man while at the bar. None of them could leave until this had been completed by everyone. My wife was pretty self conscious about her nipples maybe sticking out between the loops of her sweater, so she began to drink a little more than usual. The other ladies drank a bit too much too, so everyone was getting pretty relaxed as the night went on. Slowly, one by one, men would come up and ask one of them to dance. Finally, one guy came over and asked my wife – she accepted, of course, so she could get her bit done for the group. She went out to the dance floor with the guy and began to shake her booty. Pretty soon he chimed in and told her he, “liked her sweater.” She didn’t know exactly how to respond and decided to go with the flow . . . “you like the sweater,” she asked, “or what you can see under it?” “You caught me,” he said. “It’s what I can almost see underneath that I like.” She told him that it was kind of embarassing that everyone could see through her sweater. Then he said, “you can’t see through it, just bits and pieces, it just gives you a good idea of what’s there.” She finished the dance and at the end told him thank you. Then they both went back to their tables. Not everyone in the group had danced with a guy yet, so they had to stay a while longer. Finally, all the drinks hit my wife and she had to go to the ladies room. On the way out of the bathroom, she ran into the guy she had danced with earlier. He was a pretty confident guy, maybe ten years younger than her (she’s 45). He stopped her and said, “you know, women just don’t come to places like this wearing what you’re wearing and not want to show it off. Why don’t you give me a full look at what’s under that sweater?” She was shocked at first, then figured that everyone could see almost that much without her trying. “OK,” she told him. “But not here in the hall.

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