Confession: My Boss Uses Me As He Likes, I Have Become His Play Thing

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Ella is 31-years-old and has a very successful career, however, a nasty office romance with her boss, threatens her peace. Here is her very shocking confession.
“My name is Ella, I am 31 years old. I work with a private establishment in one of the Northern states in Nigeria and ever since I got this dream job, I have been fulfilled but I have never had peace since ‘my boss’ started his sexual exploits with me.

“It’s quite a small company, the pay is not so mouth-watering. I qualified for the job after the interview, so my getting the job was not based on sentiments. I am doing this job because of the drive and passion I have for it, yet, I am not happy.
“My boss is a married man and he sleeps with me at will. He used to be nice to me only when he wants to ask me for sex. Sometimes, he doesn’t even ask me, he will just visit me. No matter how much I resist him, all he wants is to have me laid and the moment he does, he dresses up and leaves,” Ella narrated.

She said talking about the whole experience makes me sick, stressing though she is not the type keen on sex, still she is compelled to do it with her boss sometimes.
The devastated lady said that her boss was in the habit of giving her attitude at work, she said: “At work, this mad dog gives me attitude. He doesn’t know how to talk to people, he thinks he is on top of the world. Sometimes we don’t even talk because I’m having a heavy heart, but when it is time for sex, he comes around like a lost puppy looking for milk. Oh! How I hate him.

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