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As the temperature rises, clothes are shed and boobs once shackled by goose down jackets and itchy sweaters are released back into the world in all of their push-up bra glory. Yes, it’s safe to say that we’re going a little boob crazy over here, but with good reason. In fact, some women would prefer if you spent more time stimulating their breasts in the bedroom, as one study from 2011 showed that nipple orgasms are the real deal.

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The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study which had women participants stimulate one body part at a time for 30 seconds while they were lying in an fMRI machine which measured their brain activity. Ultimately, the study showed that any sort of nipple stimulus activated the same area in the brain as clitoral and vaginal stimulation, known as the genital sensory cortex.

No wonder some women need breast play to orgasm! This bedroom preference is more common than you may think, too. Another study showed that out of 213 women, 29 percent had experienced a breast orgasm at one point in their lives.

There are actually a lot of things that go on in the breast region during sex, aside from you ogling and trying to touch them without looking like a horny teen. Did you know that larger breasts are about 24 percent less sensitive than smaller ones? Or that in some cases breasts can swell up to 25 percent when a woman is aroused?

Yes, the breast is truly a magnificent thing. Somebody should make a site dedicated to them…Oh wait, we’ve already done that.

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