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Hello Sweet Ladies…

I want to be a young lady’s sugar daddy so she can take my cold away. i do not want my name to be published but I am a business man and I still work online. I am doing a lot okay considering others. I would not like to also discuss my marital status nor how many kids I have so far. My family affair is private and I would appreciate it if it is respected and left that way.

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I love to go clubbing and have a nice time. I love to just dress up looking good and then go out to enjoy myself. I also love to swim but only in the weekends. I am not really into movies but I do take my family to see a movie and have a nice time and I can do that also for the lady I will hook up with.

I am looking for a young, pretty lady. I need someone who is endowed. She has to be very hot and well behaved. I promise to cater for all her financial needs if she can always make me happy. I would prefer someone who can handle a discreet relationship. I am not looking to get married again nor am I looking to get someone pregnant so protection will be paramount.

Anyone interested can write me should write me a serious message in the message box. I need someone to write me an honest message. Please I am not looking for agents so they should not bother me. I just want to hook up with someone and I am here looking for one.

Thanks Admin for posting me. You guys are doing a wonderful job. I love what you are doing here. Please keep it up and try to remain as honest as you have always been.

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