Top 10 Ashawo spots in Ibadan, Oyo State

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Top 10 Ashawo spots in Ibadan, Oyo State

1. Oremeji area: just come straight to oremeji area, am gonna take u to wia u gonna get d best treat of ur life

2. Angle 60: Angle 90 for Iwo Road. it’s one of he most popular ahawo joint in Ibadan

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3. bodija and ojoo: Dem dey for bodija and ojoo. At least I’m sure of those 2. Just go bstop stop a byke and talk to him, he go carry u reach there

4. Options 24/7: (Near Officers Mess)…Though the girls der are quite old. OR, D’Rovans.. For your own sake, no go brothel o. You will get trailed and robbed. Check out the 2 places I listed.

5. D’Rovans..Its at Ring Road. The girls are also like the ones at Options 24/7. But here are you looking for “carry home”

6. Queen cinema: go to queen cinema , u will see like five diff spot for there or Molete 3 they there too,fresh n young. Is it the Queen cinema at Adamasigba stadium, close to Dugbe?

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