Feb 1, 2017
Confessions/ Sex Stories
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Don’t know if this has happened to any of you, but here’s my story.
Another high school story.

It was a Saturday and the guy I had been dating, parents were away for the weekend. I told my parents that I was meeting my friend at the mall to do some shopping, have lunch and watch a movie, before joining them at a f****y dinner. but this obviously was not the case.

Well I was dropped off at the mall shortly after 9am, my boyfriend James was already there and waiting for me to arrive, so that he could walk with me back to his parents house. As we saw each other we greeted with a big kiss and then set off on the 15min walk, chatting all the way.

Once by his place and being a hot day, James first decided to have a swim to cool off. I sat on a chair pool side staring at my boys hot body. Once he got out and started drying himself, I walk up to him putting my arms around his neck and started kissing him passionately. His hands immediately on my tight ass, and soon he pick me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he slowly started to walk inside to the lounge. He put me down and slowly started stripping me of my clothing.

Off came my top and bra exposing my teen boobs, he then started kissing my neck slowly moving down and soon he was kissing my boobs and sucking my small hard nipples. James then moved down to my belly giving gentle caressing kisses, while unbuttoning and zipping down my jeans, soon they were off laying on the floor. All I had left on was my tiny G string that just managed to cover my tight pussy.

He then sat down on the couch in his still half wet pants and it was immanent to see that his dick was hard. I went to remove his pants but he stopped me, and made me sit on his lap with my back to his chest. His right hand went down to between my legs, he move my G string aside and with his middle finger he started rubbing my wet pussy. At first he started off gentle, but as we were kissing as well, the more passionately I kissed him the harder and rougher he rubbed and fingered me. Not long later I was moaning from my first orgasm of the day.
After the orgasm I hopped off him made him stand up in front of me , and I dropped his pants to his ankle and his hard dick was now in my face. I started to suck and soon deepthroating his cock, and not long after I started he said he is on the verge of cumming, as we were in the lounge there was one of three options for me to choose, 1 to stop and let him cool off for a while, 2 we move up to his bedroom and he puts a condom on and fucks me for a little while before he cums or 3 I take it in the mouth.

I never liked the taste of cum or the texture but on this day I chose option three, so once I heard him say he was near to cumming I deepthroated him 3 more times and then I felt his cum squirt to the back of my throat. I ended up swallowing his cum for a first time which seemed to make him love me more.

After this we noticed it was already jus before 12, and he offered to make me lunch. Ironically we had hot dogs for lunch, like I didn’t have enough of his wiener down my throat. During lunch both of us still naked sitting on the couch where we both just had an orgasm,  a sexy naughty talk broke out and James mentioned how he would like to fuck me hard and rough in 3 different positions and that he would love it if I ride him reverse cowgirl just before he cums. I agreed to what he wanted as it sounded amazing and I was still wet and horny from earlier.

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After lunch we headed to his room. As I approached his bed I kneeled on it in doggy style and told him I’m waiting. In no time his dick was rock hard and he went to put a condom on. I was still so wet that when James came up behind me and placed his cock at my tight pussy it slipped into me rather easily. He first started of fucking me slow, but then the b**st he was let himself go, giving me fast hard and deep strokes into my pussy making me moan from joy and pleasure. After a min or so of this rough pounding he pulled out and threw me onto my back and entered me in the missionary position.

Immediately he continued fucking me hard and rough his pelvis hitting hard into mine making a loud clapping sound. With all this rough sex soon my moans became louder and soon it was screams of pleasure. I dug my nails into his back and it seems the more I was screaming and moaning the harder he would fuck me. He then pulled out and pulled me down into the last position he wanted before I ride him. So on the edge of the bed I was with my legs on his shoulders. In went his dick deep into my pussy once more and away he went pounding roughly into me, our pelvises hitting each other his balls hitting onto my ass. His dick in this position was hitting right up against the walls of my pussy and soon from all the pleasure I was having an amazing orgasm.

Once I finished my orgasm James said that he is near to cumming and if we could do the position he’d like to cum in. I stood up and pushed him back onto the bottom of bed, I then walk to the top side where I gave him a passionate kiss and then slowly crawled on my hands and knees over his face and body, allowing my wet pussy to run over his body from his head, down his nose and mouth, along his chest and to his hard throbbing cock.

As I reached his pelvic area I sat up and gripped his cock, placing it by my pussy lips, and slowly sat down onto him, as his cock was entering me,  James said it looks so amazing to see my dick going into to and you have such a lovely ass.
Feeling good from the compliment I started to riding him back and forth, soon he told me he is on the verge of blowing his load, so I started riding him as hard as I could. As he started cumming with every back and forth ride I gave each time his cock squirted cum out he gave off a loud moan of pleasure and I made sure that I drained ever last drop out of him.

Once he was finished cumming I slowly removed myself off James cock and as his dick exited me I felt warm cum drip from my pussy onto his body. We both headed into a panic as we saw the condom had broken, and now knew that james’ entire load ended up in my pussy. Eventually we calmed down and cleaned ourselves up from the cum, trying to get as much of it out my pussy as possible and said that it’s best we get dress and head back to the mall and to a pharmacy to get the morning after pill.

After getting the morning after pill it was almost time for my parents to fetch me as we were going to a f****y dinner. The entire dinner and evening I was stressing that I could fall pregnant. Eventually the morning came and I took the pill. The stress went on for 3 more days till eventually I got my period from taking the pill. What a relief to know I wasn’t pregnant.

Thinking back to this day although the condom broke but it really was an amazing rough fuck that I had received from James and of course he was happy when he heard the news that he wasn’t going to be a dad yet.

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