I Am Tired Of Being His Se x Machine And Abortion Bag…….PLEASE HELP!!

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Please read and give her your very candid advice.

This is my story.
I am from a very poor family and my mum is the only one taking care of my three siblings and I with her petty trading, while my dad just lazes around our one room apartment which serves as our bedroom, parlor, kitchen etc.

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I never had that parental love and care every child gets from their parents. I always took care of myself, advised myself, got whatever I wanted for myself by myself, even though my mum always tried her best to put food on the table and send us to school.
I was in my Junior Secondary School when this older bros started showing interest in me. He was like 10yrs older than I.

Even though I used to see him as an uncle, he started writing me love notes, bought me gifts like pantstextbooks, perfumes, cash etc, Things my parents couldn’t afford, so I started liking him and seeing him like a God sent. Then he started inviting me to his house and did some funny things to me each time I visited.

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