How I Fucked My Little Brother

Feb 24, 2017
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Hi my name is Brenda.I was 23 years old when this story took place 5 feet 4 inches tall long brown hair an I am in my 4th year of college. I have 3 younger brothers.
This story starts when i was on my winter break.
I went home to spend time with my family my next younger brother was moved out married.
Doug was 18 he was still in High school and Jeff was 6 years younger than Doug.
Anyway like i was saying iI was home an this incident took place one friday night when my parents and Jeff was away on a weekend trip.
Doug stayed home and I just didnt feel like going away when i just got home from college.
Doug is a good looking guy.
Blonde hair about 5 foot 6 slim built.
Doug like a lot of High school boys went out that night and didnt get home till midnight.
This is when it all started
His friends carried him in passed out drunk
I was mad they set him on couch and said they had to get going and left.
I then started yelling at him .
Asking him what do you think your doing getting drunk and i’m going to tell mom and dad when they get home.
He told me to leave him alone and got up and stumbled into the bathroom.
15 minutes went by and he never came out so i got worried.
I knocked on the door and no answer.
I open the door and find him passed out on floor.
His pants were around his knees and his his shirt was off .
I stood there wondering what to do when i realized i was staring at the bulge under his underwear.i hurry out
Whats wrong with you i say to myself that your brother.
I look back in and think ok i need to get him back to the sofa at least so i try to wake him.
I reached down and shaked him trying to wake him but no luck as i was pulling his arm he opened his eyes a little .
Doug you need to get off the floor he looked around and set up leaning agaist the tub and passed back out
I stare at him
His belly was firm his underwear fit tight to his thighs his dick form under to the left.i was breathing heavy and didnt realize it.
I say to him Doug in going to pull your pants on off for you.
He nodded his head not opening his eyes.
I tugged his pants on off his feet.pulled his socks off not realizing how aroused i was getting doing to.
There Doug set on floor in only his underwear with me standing over him.
I grab his shoulders and shake him not taking my eyes off his bulge.
Doug i help you stand up and get to sofa ok?
He nods his head
I grab his arms and pull
To my amazement i got him to his feet and stumble with him out to living room.just before we reached the sofa he slumps to floor so i
Quickly pull him up to a sitting position and drag him onto the sofa.
Doing so caught his underwear and slud them off his butt.
He sat there with his underwear half off just covering his dick.
I could see his pubic hair not thinking like in a trance i reach down and pull them on down to has ankles. His dick flopped free .Not thinking
I ran my hand up over it feeling the heat off it and started stroking it.
I don’t know how long i did this for but when i snaped out of it.he was semi hard and i jumped up and ran to me room
What wrong with me i said again.
I was over whelmed with excitement then gilt then imbarressed.
I set up in my room for a few minutes then realized i couldnt leave him like that.
I went back down he still set there underwear arpund ankles dick still semi hard.
I grab a towel and lay over his mid section and try and wake him
He just moans and says stop it.
I give up trying to wake him and lay him down on sofa grab his feet and swing them onto it and remove his underwear.
I go to cover him up but stop
I needed to see him one last time.
I remover the towel i take his dick and start stroking him again .
He starts getting longer and harder every stroke.
I am hypnotized by it. Its 7 inches hard i lean forward and take his nob in my mouth .after awhile i stand up pull my pants off remove my underwear.
I can not think.
My breathing out of control.
I sit down stradle him and guide his dick into me. When i set all the was down i pulked my shirt off 1 .2.3 quick thrust i was cuming
Wave after wave of orgasmic lust cam over me It didnt stop for 10 minutes. When the last one hit i tensed up and fell forward on his chest.passed out for i dont know how long.
When i woke i was in a fog.
All the energy drained from me.
My legs were weak .i set back up leaned back and realized Doug was still in me and still rock hard.
I tried to rise up and pull him out but my legs give out and i bury him deep in me and then another orgasmic wave hit me i could not move i lay on top of him and quiver and shake as my pussy milks and tightens up around his cock.
I lay still to catch my breath.
My god this is my brother i think.
And that was a mistake
Just that thought sent me over again i pass put from exhaustion
A awake and its getting daylight.Doug was breathing easy my head lay on his chest. Fear hits me he could wake up now.
His dick was still in me i think.
Im numb down there i raise up slowly and pull up and his dick flops out i use all my strength to stand up and make it to my room.i wake up its noon i lay there in bed thinking about what happened.
Doug won’t remember anything.and i will never admit it.
As far as he knows he undressed himself.
I reached down a touched my sore pussy.
I run my fingure over my clit and moan my brother’s name as i feel a jolt run through my body.
I never got over that encounter.
Never had sex that even matched the night my b*o was drunk.
Had a son 9 months later and told my mom that the dad ran off as soon as he found out. But we know the truth and my little boy will always remind me of the best night of my life.

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