Roommates Get The Best Fuck Of Their Lives

Feb 24, 2017
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I came home late one night after a fight with my boyfriend, my roommate Sheila wasn’t expecting me and had planned to have the apartment to herself all night. I walked in to the sound of loud sex coming from Sheila’s bedroom, it wasn’t uncommon for Sheila to have her boyfriend over and spend the night. I walked up the hallway the sounds getting louder as I approached her bedroom, the door was wide open. I looked in to see this Huge Black Guy pounding his Massive Cock into Sheila spread in a missionary position. I stood there watching as Sheila moaned, grunted and begged this guy to Fuck Her Harder, I was stunned and amazed that she could handle the Monster Cock he was plowing it into her hard giving her his full length. Sheila’s a large 23 year old woman I wouldn’t call her Fat but Chunky! She’s 5.6, about 200 lbs. Shoulder length red hair with very large Tits. We had been roommates for about 2 years, I have no idea who this Black Guy was but knew it wasn’t her boyfriend. I stood there in a daze watching this guy Fuck the Shit out if her I could see his Cock covered in white sticky lube from Sheila’s Cunt her body shaking as she held on to him.

All of a sudden I felt a hand touching my shoulder I turned to see a second Huge Naked Black Man standing behind me, I turned to look he was about 6.6 tall bald very well built with a Cock hanging that looked like it belonged on a Horse, it had to be at least 12 in long as round as a pop can. I stood there stunned as he started feeling me up from my Hips to my Tits. I’m 24 years old, stand 5.11 ft. athletic body big strong legs wide hips with C cup tits.I was wearing a short denim skirt with a white T Shirt. I started shaking as this Huge Black Man’s hands started roaming feeling my body, he pulled up my shirt then started feeling my Tits through my bra, his large hands felt so good on my body the next thing I knew he pushed me down to my knees I grabbed hold of his Huge Black Cock it took both hands to handle this Monster, it grew hard as I tried to suck it I could taste Sheila’s juice on it as I licked it, so I knew he’d Fucked her before his buddy.

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I put my mouth over the head but could only get a couple inches into my mouth. he seamed to get annoyed at this as he grabbed my shoulders to lift me up, we made our way to the living room where he quickly removed my T Shirt. He turned me around then pushed me onto the arm of the couch I was now bent over my Ass in the air, he pushed my denim skirt up around my waste then Ripped Off my panties, I could feel his large fingers sliding up my shaved slit, he was fingering me one then two fingers inside me I was getting wetter by the second. He grabbed my wide hips to pull me towards him, I could feel the head of his Massive Cock entering my Pussy, I turned groaned God Damn! Please take it easy, my legs shaking as he continued to push into me, I’d never been with a black man nor ever seen a Black Cock in real life, inch by inch he pushed himself into me Hot Wet Cunt, giving me short thrusts once in a while them all at once he pushed his entire length into my womb. He stood there for a moment then spoke his first words. That’s it Baby it’s all the way in get ready, your about to get the Fuck of your life! He started slow at first then picked up the pace after a while I could feel him give me his whole length with each stroke he held on to my hips as he Rammed his Cock back and forth into my Wet Cunt. I was sweating grunting as he bottomed out inside me, then he took a hand full of my pony tail and Pounded Harder into me, this sent me over the edge as a massive Orgasm took hold of me I was moaning Fuck Me Fuck Me, he moved in closer to me as continued Slamming his Cock into me pulling my head back. I could feel his Balls hitting my Clit as he continued Fucking me this went on for a few more minutes then in one full swoop he pulled out of my Wet Hole I almost fell to to floor. He man handled me, got me up off the arm of the couch, removed my bra, pushed me down onto the cushions then slid off my skirt. I was now Naked laying on the couch he came in spread my legs apart I looked up and could now see his Fully Erect Cock as he took it in hand to start feeding it back into my Hot Wet Cunt, he was having a hard time with the angle I was at so he put a cushion under my Ass which gave him better access to my Wet Hole I was dripping with Juice as he pushed his Dick back inside me I watched as it slid in much easier that I ever expected I was taking his BBC like a pro! Once fully inside me he started to pound me again I wrapped my legs around him and Begged him to give to me! He dropped down on top of me all the while grinding his Cock into me! I looked into his eyes then groaned FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD PLEASEEEEE FUCK ME! he pushed himself up put one foot on the floor took hold of my ankles then proceeded to Fuck me with a vengeance. He started Slamming into me Harder than ever looking down at me he saying things like YA BITCH TAKE IT TAKE THAT BLACK COCK! He gave me a hard push his Cock completely inside me them moved his hips from side to side, it felt like a Snake was squirming inside me, I never felt a sensation like that before, he continued this I was going into another Orgasm and he said YA BABY the White Bitches that can take it LOVE this! I was squirming my body shaking as I went into a Wild Orgasm yelling DON’T STOP DON’T STOP FUCK GOD DAMN GOD DAMN DON’T STOP! He continued for a while my Orgasm slowed then he said OK Baby as he pulled out again! I was leaking all over the cushions, I don’t ever remember my Pussy ever being so Wet, he sat down then told me to get on! I moved in knelled down as he re-inserted his Massive Dick into my Cunt once inside me I started bouncing, grinding I wrapped my arms around his neck he was Loving it telling me MAN I LOVE a WHITE BITCH that can take Cock RIDE IT BABY RIDE IT! I moved my hips in a circular motion, the sensation was fabulous inside me as another Orgasm took hold of me, I started bouncing up and down he took hold of my hips to basically f***e me down onto his Cock yelling THAT”S IT BABY THAT”S IT! I could feel his Dick Harden inside me when he Groaned I’M CUMMING AHHHHHHHHH YAAAAAAA his Massive Cock was Twitching as he started to Blow his Load inside me, he held me down on him as Spurt after Spurt of his Cum was Shot Deep inside my Hot Wet Cunt! After a minute or so his Orgasm slowed I got up off him his Cock Flopped down covered in our Juices I went down and started Licking it Slurping off all the Juices, I could still feel it throbbing as I Licked the entire length. I sat there on the floor between his legs for a while, then we both got up to make our way to my bedroom where we continued Fucking until the sun came up.

I woke up late morning with Sheila looking down at me laying on my bed Naked Cum flowing from my Cunt onto the sheets. She asked if I was OK, I was sore from the Pounding I had taken but had survived the experience! Sheila apologized told me she had gone out for drinks and ended up bringing Calvin & Darius back to Fuck! I told her all was good I LOVED every minute of it. We’ve had to boys over a few more time since then sharing in some wild foursomes!

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