Soccer Team of South Africa Poses Naked in Shower with Trophy

Apr 19, 2017
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One of South Africa’s greatest soccer team’s, the Orlando Pirates, could be in a bad position after one of their players tweeted a photograph of the group posturing naked in the club’s showers with the Nedbank Cup trophy. Privateers regulatory supervisor Floyd Mbele said in the report on Friday that those players could face sanctions, yet conceded that this circumstance is kind of unchartered region for the club. Goodness, truly? So there isn’t a handbook of what to do if your players assemble round the shower unclothed, coating their privates and kissing a trophy? My most loved part about this story is that the director said that its not that the players posturing naked with the trophy that disturbs him; rather its the way that its out in the media. In this way, I figure, lesson took in: If you and your companions are going to stance naked in the shower bro’ing out over a trophy, don’t tweet it. Much appreciated, Pirates.

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